The United States Marine Corps

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Wars have many battles. However, battles do not always lead to war. Marines courageously serve in our nations wars. Their ability to win battles allows our nations to deal with threats quickly without making the situation more dangerous than it already is. Since the year of 1775 the Marines have been the number one branch of the military called upon first. Their ability to execute the most rapid, effective, and efficient military response to disputes anywhere in the world, makes them one of the most respected branches of the military. The Marines Corps are deployed to respond swiftly and aggressively to threats around the world. What distinguishes the Marines Corps from any other branch is the bond formed by their motto “Semper Fidelis.”…show more content…
Being a member of the Marines corps or any other branch of the military, helps build the strength of America’s elite fighting force. During deployment Marines spend 7 to 12 months in the field. Ranks not only create a clear chain of command but it is also a reward for soldiers who have served in the Marine Corps. Recruits obtain their first rank when they complete basic training, and acquire additional rank thought their service. On December 2012, Congress and President Obama reified the 2013 salaries For U.S. Marines with a 1.7% pay

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