The United States Marine Corps Osprey Scandal

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To: Prof. Palermo
From: Christopher Hackett
Date: December 8, 2016
Subject: The U.S.M.C. Osprey scandal The United States Marine Corps Osprey scandal took place from July, 2000 to January 2001. It resulted in the falsification of Osprey readiness reports and the prosecution of several Marine Corps officers (Rubel, 2009). The scandal originates with the United States Marine Corps’ intent to increase production of the Osprey helicopter. The Marines found this type of aircraft to be ideal due to its unique abilities and wished to push for full development. In order to reach their goal, the Marines had to prove the Osprey was a reliable vehicle worth the extra funding to increase production. A requirement set forth to prove this was to have at least 80% readiness of the entire fleet of Ospreys at all times. (Flaherty & Ricks, "A Troubled Osprey Wounds the Corps; Pressures to Build a New Plane Led To Deception and Deadly Shortcuts”, 2001).
This requirement may sound realistic for any aircraft, but not for the Osprey. The Osprey had a history with three crashes that resulted in deaths of twenty six Marines and four civilians up until the time of the scandal (Flaherty & Ricks, "Osprey Probe Reaches Pentagon 's Top Ranks", 2001). Maj. Gen. Dennis T. Krupp’s command included the only Osprey Squadron in the Marines at the time. Krupp stressed the importance of meeting that 80% to Col. James Schleining, who commanded Lt. Col. Odin F. Leberman Jr, who was the commander of the…

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