The United States Military Bases

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For roughly 1% of the United States population, the past 10 years have been an ever changing experience serving across the world. On September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked by a terrorist organization residing in Afghanistan. The United States Armed forces were called upon to fight a war against terrorism. In May 2003, this conflict extended to Iraq, which was acting as a safe zone for many of the world’s terrorists. Since that time, more than 70,000 contractors and sub-contractors have been hired by the Department of the Defense, in order to assist the United States military in their mission against terrorism. These individuals known as the TCN’s or ‘third country nationals,’ take part in everything from base security to cooking and laundry. However, since these individuals are not United States citizens and the government has turned its back to them. Personal knowledge, department of defense reports, and official law reviews contain a wide variety of information that give a look inside what has been happening on the United States military bases. Allegations of human trafficking, sexual assault, and indentured servitude are all common issues these TCN’s have endured.
In 2001, the Pentagon began taking in contract offers from companies around the United States. Private contracting firms such as KBR Inc. or Prime Project International began receiving over 15 billion dollars a year. Foreign conflicts can be very profitable for large businesses that invest time
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