The United States Military History

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This semester in military history we talked about several different topics that are very pertinent to the shaping’s of today’s military. They are mainly important whether the individual serve in the United States Army, United States Air Forces, United States Navy, or United States Marine Corps. History is the study of the past. Studying may not be interesting to some, but if you do not understand your history, you will be liable to repeating some of the same mistakes made in the past. So it is very important to try and understand a little about the world we live in today. This semester we have mainly covered the topics dealing with wars. These wars have affected the military maybe in a little or a lot. These wars are very pertinent in…show more content…
As organized the Continental Army was first organized in the year of 1775. The first commander in chief was General George Washington who would later become the first president of the United States of America. So as continuation to seperate from the British, the colonists organized the Declaration of Independence and on July 4, 1776 the United States of America formed as a separate country away from British rule. Once again, the British were not happy with the acts of the colonists.
In the year of 1767 the Parliament passed the Townshend Acts. This proposal placed taxes on a lot of goods such as paper, glass, tea, and so on. Because the British were in debt, they began placing taxes on the colonists to regain their surplus of money. So by now the colonist are distrauted by the number of taxes, which lead to a number boycotts and rebellions of British goods. The colonist were not playing games with the British.
With rising tessions between the British and the Americans against the taxation problems, the colonist organized the "No Taxation without representation" rule. This meant that only their elected officials could place taxes on items and not the British. The Intolerable Acts created by the British and the Congress established by the United States of America started the American
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