The United States Military Intervention Essay

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Today, people, including many I respect, are asking, "Vince, why haven 't you called for action in Aleppo?" My question is the same as it 's always been: What, exactly, do leftists want to do in Syria? Do they want a "No-Fly Zone?" If so, do they understand that such an action is considered an Act of War? Are people willing to deal with those consequences? Do leftwing activists want the U.S. to increase its military presence in Syria? Do they want the U.S. to keep arming so-called "rebel forces?" Are leftists actually calling for further military intervention in Syria? Am I processing this correctly? Already, over 12 nations have bombed Syria, with horrific results. Are we asking for more bombs, but from different planes? What principles are activists operating under? Remember, the U.S. military, like all military forces in the world, is a force for death and destruction - that 's it. The U.S. military is incapable of "saving people." The point of the U.S. military is to destroy and kill. Yet, I keep getting emails from people saying, "We have to do something!" Yes, let 's do something. Let 's build political movements that can actually oppose the U.S. Empire. Let 's cut the U.S. military budget by 90% - and that 's just the beginning. Let 's stop selling arms to everyone on the planet. Let 's stop supporting brutal regimes. Let 's stop the drone strikes and the special forces operations in Africa and elsewhere. Let 's end the war in Afghanistan. Let 's get out of
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