The United States National Debt

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The Alarming Reality of the United States National Debt
One trillion dollars is an astounding amount of money. What if I told you that the United States of America is in debt not just one trillion dollars, but nineteen trillion dollars in debt, as of 2016. As time goes on, the United States only continues to rack up more and more debt. It is estimated that in just 4 years, our national debt will increase by about 2 trillion dollars. The truth is, our country has been battling debt ever since it was founded. Today, with the debt increasing so fast, every politician is striving to balance the budget, so the United States can continue to be the best country it can be. If the United States cannot dig itself out of this ever deepening hole, national security will become an issue, influential power will be stripped away, and ultimately quality of life in this nation will become extremely undesirable. I believe the United States national debt is a huge threat to our country and something must be changed in order to battle this crisis. With all this debt, it begs to question. To who and what does the United States owe all this money? According to the “National Priorities Project”, 34 percent of the debt is owned by foreign countries, like China and Japan, 28 percent by federal accounts, and the remaining 38 percent is owned by other investors or local governments. Ever since the United States was founded, it owed money to the foreign investors and it has only continued to pile up.

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