The United States National Debt Essay

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Many Americans today are aware that the United States is in debt, however, some may not realize by how much. Currently, the United States National Debt is up to 18 trillion dollars and is steadily increasing. This is a serious problem for the U.S., especially for millennials, who are going to be the ones living and dealing with the debt left behind for them. Increased spending, borrowing from China, and interest on the money borrowed are setting up our economy for an eventual crash, one that the upcoming generation may not be prepared for. Every dollar that accumulates into the debt will have to be repaid with interest at some point, making it harder to pay back. To gain a better understanding of how the U.S. dug itself into such a deep hole, one should start at the beginning of where the debt started. Entering into the twentieth century, Americans usually only made bigger purchases if they had the total amount of money ready to be used all at one time. Once the idea of credit became popular, Americans started to make those purchases sooner and they only had to pay back the money small amounts at a time. This method of spending raised the standard of living in America while also raising the level of debt. It took off from there, people became hooked on being able to pay small amounts of a big purchase in increments instead of one lump sum. Government programs also started accumulating debt of their own. Eventually, the United States was racking up debt into several
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