The United States National Institute Of Nursing Research

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Nursing research can be defined as the knowledge that is developed and built on the foundation of scientific inquiries of clinical practices (Grove and Burns, 2013). As part of the United States National Institute of Health (NIH), the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) was established to promote wellness and to prevent diseases, to improve the overall quality of life across populations, to eliminate disparities, and finally to set the directions for end-of-life, palliative research. This essay will explore the history of the NINR in terms of its location, dates of operation, overall purpose, mission, and Strategic Goals. The essay will then outline the NINR 's current initiatives, describe the organization 's priorities in …show more content…
The mission of the NINR is simply to improve health in all clients. The strategic plan is to utilize key aspects of the nursing profession in order to expand the implementation of scientific nursing research. The purpose of the plan is to direct research as well as inspire nurses to continue to improve the credibility of the profession by transitioning it from tradition to evidenced based. The formerly titled National Center for Nursing Research (NCNR) was directed by Dr. Doris Merritt from its original establishment in 1986 through 1987. Dr. Ada Sue Hinshaw of the American Nurses Association took over as the first permanent director of the NCNR. She oversaw the transition of the organization from a center to an institute in 1993. Dr. Suzanne Hurd took over as acting director until 1995. Dr. Patricia Grady became the official director in 1995 and remains at present in 2015. Two legislative actions in the 1980s led to the original establishment of what was formerly the NCNR. Firstly, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued a report in 1983 that urged nursing research to be recognized as mainstream scientific research. The second occurrence was the publication of a report by the NIH following an in-depth study of nursing research in 1984 that found their two missions to be closely aligned. Finally, the NIH Revitalization Act was passed in 1993, recognizing the nursing center as an institute. The transition from center to

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