The United States National Interest

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The United States national interest should always be extremely individualistic and based solely on what is best for our country. The civil war in Syria is something that is grabbing the attention of nations all across the world. The question is, should the United States step in to the civil war in Syria, and if so how do we go about it? Should the United States join forces with unlikely allies in order to defeat Isis? The national interest is very difficult to define and everyone has a different definition to it. Professor Ferraro exclaims that “Some states may have an interest in securing more resources or land; other states may wish to expand their own political or economic systems into other areas; some states may merely wish to be left alone,” (Class Lecture, September 8, 2016). I believe that the United States should wish to be left alone, and only intervene in issues when they could affect America directly. The United States does have a national interest in the civil war in Syria in terms of security for our citizens; we should not allow Syrian refugees into our country at all until we completely destroy ISIS by teaming up with unlikely forces such as Russia and Assad. However, the United States shouldn’t be involved in the humanitarian aspect of the civil war in Syria due to the horrific national debt and the social issues we already have present in our country today. Everyone can admit that there is a serious crisis occurring in the Middle East right now, but is
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