The United States National Security Strategies

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Earlier this year, the White House published its National Security Strategy, this lengthy document provides detailed safety instructions aimed at guiding security measures for the President and his administration, a strategy which lasts for the duration of the presidency. The need for outlined security measures is a direct result of the many challenges that the United States and its allies are facing today. By creating this document, the White House ensures protection against threats in the foreseeable future. Moreover, it lays the groundwork for the next administration to build upon once the presidency term has been maxed out.
Although the addition of this security measure is a valuable resources to administration, an in depth understanding into the threats the United States faces daily is an important component when analyzing National Security strategies. One of the most significant threats that the United States currently faces involves China’s largescale international growth. This rise in power extends to both economic growth, and military growth, both factors which threaten our position of power and stability.
While this is a large scale threat, China is not the only threat to National Security based on re-emergence of growth in power and status. Similarly, National security is greatly threatened by the re-emergence of the Russian Federation and its subsequent rise in economic power. Another threat of significant concern
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