The United States ' Navy Essay

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The United States of America has not always been the world superpower that it is today. The same goes for its Navy. In the first several years of existence, the United States Navy was not a formidable fighting force. The young nation was hesitant to invest in a navy for many reasons, one of them being to prevent provoking the world powers of the time, France and Britain. On top of that, navies were very expensive to build and required a significant amount of resources to maintain, which the U.S. did not have at the time. To say that the United States Navy was ill prepared for war would be a dramatic understatement. The U.S. had a total of fifteen ships in its entire naval fleet compared to the might of the Royal Navy which possessed over six hundred warships. Even with the odds stacked against the U.S., President Madison declared war on 18 JUN 1812. The lack of size and power of the navy at the time would make it extremely difficult to satisfy the needs of the newly founded nation. The U.S. had enough of the British Navy impressing American sailors and seizing American merchant ships. Even though the U.S. Navy lacked the size that British had, the Royal Navy was stretched to its limits. Many of the British efforts were focused on the Napoleonic wars taking place in Europe, leaving just two dozen British ships between Halifax and Bermuda. The U.S. frigates were larger and had much more armament than those of the British giving the U.S. one more key advantage over their

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