The United States Navy

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The United States Navy The business culture that I have chosen to write about is that of the United States Navy. “Since its birth on October 13, 1775, the Navy has been involved with more than ten major wars and countless battles in the effort to bring security, democracy, peace and prosperity to the American people. It 's stood as a constant deterrent against international aggression. They fought the good fight when necessary. Acted as a willing source of assistance to those in crisis or need around the globe. And moved humanity forward through everything from action to innovation” (Navy History, 2014). One might think of our military as a business culture but if they set down and really take a good look at it they will see that the…show more content…
A beginning enlisted person may not get any training other than basic training then sent on to a feet command for on the job training in their field. Others will go immediately to an advanced school then to the fleet. As a person is able to show the expertise or knowledge they have by spending certain amounts of time at a rank and passing examinations and ranking boards they can become advanced to higher ranks and then sent on to even more technical schooling which will help them to advance later on in the future. The United States Navy has set the standard in professionalism not only within the men and women serving but in the ways in which they conduct business. From the onset all military personnel are instilled with the professionalism required to be a sailor. They are taught how to walk, talk, eat, stand, act, and be that perfect sailor all of which fall above most company standards of professionalism. They are taught to be followers as well as leaders. In order to advance into certain rankings they are required to attend and pass leadership training courses which believe it or not will count towards college credits later on in their lives. There is a military curtesy also instilled into every man and women. They are taught how to talk and treat each other with respect. They are given the skills needed to listen correctly as well as orally and verbally communicating with one another. These are highly important professional skills
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