The United States Navy 's Involvement During World War I

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The history of the United States Navy has always been interesting to me. As a child my grandfather told me stories about his time in the Navy Reserves as a fighter pilot. He always told me that Navy fighter pilots were "the best of the best," and that only a few ever have the privilege of being one. He had a ton of pride in his country but especially the Navy as he would constantly be humming the tune to Anchors Away; "Sail Navy down the field and sink the Army, sink the Army Grey." It has now been many years since he has passed away but my interest in the United States Navy has only gotten stronger. Is the US Navy the greatest in the world or was my grandfather just exaggerating? My researching starts by looking at the effects of the United States Navy 's involvement in World War I.
The United States Navy has not always been the navy we see sailing the oceans and flying the skies in the 21st century. In 1900, they were the sixth largest, ranking behind England, France, Russia, Germany, and Italy. They existed, “For the purpose of defending our nation against attacks from any nation on earth, we confidently believe that our Navy is amply sufficient and fully adequate, and for any other purpose we need no Navy at all.” Pre-World War One, the U.S. Navy only attempted to patrol their own Atlantic coast, assume responsibility for the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the waters off of Canada and South America. Stated by the House Naval Committee in February 1913, it is obvious…
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