The United States Of America, A Nation Known For Its Democracy,

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The United States of America, a nation known for its democracy, liberty, and equality is a place where all can come that seek a better life while on the pursuit of happiness. All except those who classify themselves as Muslim, it seems. Throughout time, America has been thought to have a known disregard for those who practice the Islamic faith. The nineteenth century was the time in which America first established evangelical Christianity in the Middle East, arriving with the sole purpose of evangelizing the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire. Those who devotedly practice Islam were not as welcoming of the missionary "intruders." However, amid the following encounter inside and crosswise over societies an unexpected soul of toleration was…show more content…
The U.S. was viewed as the runner up in the pursuit of religious imperialism. Be that as it may, it was the American missionaries operating beneath the advocacy of the American Board, the aboriginal and the active American abbot establishment, which afflicted the Ottoman lands, about the end of the nineteenth century, in degree, amount, proficiency, and property. Before the nineteenth century, the Ottoman lands were easily accessible to outsiders, giving American missionaries entrance into the land. The Ottoman Empire also contained a variety of religious systems during this period. Such religions included Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and Catholicism. American missionaries deceitfully convinced the Turks that they would not target the Muslims during their missionary work. Their real intentions were in fact to convert the Muslims to Christianity. To the Ottomans, this would be viewed as apostacy and would potentially result in death.

During the period when the American missionaries acclimated in the Ottoman domains and started to approve their foundations, to be specific, schools, chapels, doctor 's facilities, and orphanages and to establish them in admeasurement and plenitude after some time, there risen two major issues to be secured in the midst of the state. The American missionaries, during a

considerable measure of the time, were able to adjust to the changes. One issue was the securing of
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