The United States Of America

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The Southern States of America was made up of the following, Georgia with Atlanta as the Capital of the new union, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee and Kentucky. Although, Kentucky wasn’t a sure bet at this point, there was still a lot of work to do in that state. They wanted Texas, but Texas had formed its own country and the SSA wasn’t strong enough militarily to challenge them at this time. Missouri was in play and it looked good that they would be joining the SSA within the next few months. North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia were starting to recover from the event, but at this time they had no interest in joining the SSA, that was primarily because of the large US Military…show more content…
He felt that given the right type of Army, he could build one that could take on the United States Military and even win, he was an optimistic. President St. Michaels and Parliament have given him a free hand to do what he needed to do, to make the SSA a success. Although General Grayston had done an admirable job of pulling together a coalition of former states to join the SSA there were still pockets of resistance, even in Georgia the home state and capital of the republic. Fort Benning and Fort Stewart, two United States Army posts refused to surrender, there wasn’t much the new SSA could do about it at this time. They were too strong to confront, General Grayston didn’t have the manpower or the firepower. He had been successful at overrunning many of the various states National Guard Armories and Reserve components, but in most cases they were too late. They had bugged out and were now safe and sound under the protection of the United States Army or were on the run headed that way. They were able to pursue some of them and caught them flatfooted, they captured an Artillery Battalion that was heading to Fort Stewart, first battalion of the one hundred eighteenth Field Artillery. They captured twenty M109A6 Paladin’s, but with no ammunition for them. Of course with them came the other individual weapons that came with each Soldier, M-4’s and M-16’s as well as various types of pistols. However, like the Paladin’s, there was no
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