The United States Of America

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United States of America
United States is one of the countries with the greatest diversity in the world, from its geography to the demographic composition; It is impossible to speak of a unique feature in this scenario geographic, racial, ethnic and cultural wealth.
The influx of immigrants, who come from the most remote regions of the planet or the neighboring nations has been continuous and constant for 150 years . For example, in 2013 they lived around 41.3 million immigrants in the United States, which accounted for 13% of the total population. Taking into account the children of immigrants born in the United States - the so - called second - generation immigrants the figure reaches 80 million, or what is the same, a quarter of the 316 million people living in the country.

United States film industry development through the history
The beginnings
The first public screening of a film in the United States took place in 1896 in New York. The projector was developed by inventor Thomas Alva Edison, whose company was also the producer of the short films. Fatherhood American fiction cinema is often attributed to Edwin S. Porter, who in 1903 used an innovative technique mount 8 - minute film Assault and robbery of a train by which different fragments from different shots of the same film was together to form a narrative whole. This work became film in a very popular art form, and led to nationwide screening rooms appear small, so -called nickelodeones.
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