The United States Of America

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The united states of america has been in many world affairs since its creation. One of the earliest international events that can be attributed to having direct links with the Great Depression was the Manchurian Crisis of 1931. War had broken out between China and Japan, who had both suffered due to the counter measures and high tariffs set by America and Europe to combat the Great Depression. Japanese army officers in Manchuria manufactured an incident, took over the province and on their own created the puppet state of Manchukuo. Japan saw the depression as an opportunity to find a market for Japanese goods without fear of repercussions 'while the American government confessed its financial impotence. Western governments simply did not have the financial resources to intervene in affairs twelve thousand miles away, so the world watched on as Japan began to gain a foothold on China. When the League of Nations confronted this behaviour, Japan exited the league of nations. Henry Stimson, Secretary of State to then President Herbert Hoover, suggested that economic sanctions be imposed on Japan, but his proposal was denied. Japan relied on imported US oil and was the third largest consumer of American exports, the US, in turn took in 40 percent of Japanese exports. Although economic sanctions would greatly hinder Japanese advancement, they would also harm American interests and Hoover neither wanted to provoke an enemy or invite a war. The result of this inaction was to be

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