The United States Of America

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During the late nineteenth century, the United States of America was at the time were a huge number of immigrants who emigrated to the U.S., mainly from Europe. The people in Europe had heard about rumors of the country of the United States that had effects on people 's decisions to emigrate to America, "Home of the brave." That is, still going on, even today, especially from every part of the globe, because to have the true American dream. The people always called this country of "Country of Immigrants," fact, the first white person who stepped on this continent were the Spanish Explorer, Christopher Columbus who landed on Florida 's Eastern coast, in 1492. So, this nation has found by Spain, then the Pilgrims from England in mid to late…show more content…
There is a wrong way doing it, such as moving into a country with none documents filled out, or crossing the border illegally. America is welcome for all the immigrants, but this nation is counting on the legal immigrants.
During the great immigrants ' era, the people at the immigrant check-in stations were not just letting immigrants just walking in our country, there were steps. One of the most important steps was the health check because people did not want any diseases or viruses and/or the immigrants are sick. Today world, at the National border of Mexico and the United States, there are none or too little healthy check to make sure that everyone is healthy. The HIV disease is a horrible disease to have. The following immigrants do get into the U.S. from Mexico, or anywhere in Central America carry viruses or diseases, so the immigrants can easily contact with other citizens in the United States and pass the virus around to other people. The immigrants who emigrant from South of the border can carrier the HIV and have intercourse with anyone in the U.S. can easily pass the HIV to that person who is having sex with. Megan and Jennifer S.Hirsch, the researchers in Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia University 's Mailman School of Public
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