The United States Of America

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For several years, the inhabitants of our country were taken advantage of, trade of inhabitants into slavery, victims of killings and singled out by the immigrants who sought entitlements of their territories. Before any European or Spanish authority stepped foot on American coasts, the inhabitants already had their origins rooted in the soil of what was to become the United States of America. Different from the immigrants, the occupants did not have the same approach to declaring and take control of the land. They were seekers who were watchful of the land they were occupants of and deemed themselves equivalents of any, and anything that occupied the area. They pictured the land as open for those who wanted to live there. They were also…show more content…
Sadly, just as ready as the Native Americans were to fight off the development, the white immigrants were articulating and insistent for an Indian Removal Policy. The Westward Expansion, integration, and dissolution caused damaging effects on Native Americans, as they were treated unjust and unkind during this notorious era in which the Indian Removal was created. The push for Westward expansion was alive, and well in the colonies of white settlers as the idea of a formal removal policy for Indians was up for debate in order to gain lands east of the Mississippi. As the insatiable desire for land developed among the Europeans, they gradually fell under a false impression that as “discoverers” of these lands, they were rightfully entitled to them. This influence sparked the appearance of many counterfeit treaties in Northern territories, in which unofficial individuals of the tribes were being bribed or threatened to sign away vast amounts of land. This fueled the Native Iroquois to form a confederacy to keep settlers from surveying or settling on to their lands; Furthermore resulting in border warfare between frontiersman and warriors. From these illegally ceded lands, the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was enacted in which a government was set up in these divided territories in the North. Allowing citizens to petition and become a state if they got 60,000 white settlers to live there. However, a
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