The United States Of America

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The United States of America is a nation that displays strong democratic tradition but history teaches us that there have been presidents whom have demonstrated imperialism. Imperialism occurs when a stronger nation takes over by force a weaker nation or region and then imposes it’s economic, political and or cultural life on that region. Imperialism has been around for centuries beginning in the ancient world when great empires arose due to a civilization or religious belief attempting to dominate and control others. Then in the modern age the word is most often associated with the British Empire but in the late 19th and early 20th century the United States also possessed imperialistic policies. U.S. President’s such as William McKinley,…show more content…
for $20,000,000. The McKinley administration looked beyond its borders to conquer new land. McKinley’s had his sights on acquiring Hawaii. He imposed a tariff raising import rates of foreign sugar which caused a depression to sweep through the islands of Hawaii. The U.S. marines stormed the islands overtaking the people and forcing Hawaii to become a U.S. territory. As the McKinley administration gained power it turned to imperialistic views and polices instead of helping other countries and regions establish stable democratic governments. “McKinley understood that to his electorate, imperialism was a dirty word, and so he made Americans believe that their nation’s boldly imperial moves were instead efforts of great compassion and sacrifice.” (Bradley, 99)
President McKinley was assassinated in September, 1901, thrusting Vice President Theodore Roosevelt into presidency instituting his imperialistic philosophy into his administration. Roosevelt was the youngest president with charismatic energy to make the United States into a global power through international trade. Roosevelt believed in the proverb “Speak softly and carry a big stick” he believed that war was justified when it increased American power and introduced democracy to other nations. Roosevelt needing to display his power to other nations, “Under the leadership of Theodore Roosevelt, the U.S. built up its navy and deployed a naval armada around the world, decided to complete the Panama
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