The United States Of America

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This country, The United States of America is built on greed. This magnificent age of technology fuels the want for more. Boundless borders, created by leaders, rule over all and their authority remains unquestioned by a malicious spear of death for whoever obstructs their path. The people of America have been blindly enslaved and indoctrinated in fright of consequence. But life was not always so. People were once free to roam the lands, feeding and learning from its riches at no cost. Mothers and fathers were the sole teachers and their children followed freely and faithfully. Desecration of simplistic ways came as man proclaimed a price on things and ideas he sought necessary through fear and suffrage. These same ideas hold the people of the U.S. captive in modern times. One idea, particularly, is education. Deemed a necessity for future survival, education is one of the most leading causes of debt in the U.S. because of its high tuition and fees. The outlook on every citizen having access to free education has been extremely controversial. Those who argue this issue fear a large increase in taxes by the government if such laws are established. However you look at it, advancing education should be free and paid for by the government with no expense to the student
According to, of the 1,057 colleges in the study, average debt per graduate ranged from $3,000 to $55,250. At 114 colleges, graduates had an average debt above $35,000, while 64 colleges said…

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