The United States Of America

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The United States of America was built and founded on the exploitation of minorities and the expansion of non native lands. Anglo-Saxon superiority and their consecutive impact on control of policies and strong power throughout every social institution in the nation allowed discrimination to prosper. Scientific Racism reached new levels of justification towards slavery, the massive eradication of the Native people, colonialism and daily incidents of unequal actions and treatments towards colored people. The strong existence of polygenesis assisted with spurring along and justify racism; the idea that all minorities were groups of individuals who ultimately came from another type of species supporting the idea that Blacks, Natives, and…show more content…
To justify their often brutal treatment, some conveyed back to Europe the belief that Indians were not fully human, but animals that could legitimately be forced to work or be exterminated. The information that drifted back to Europe on the exotic and bizarre habits and customs of indigenous peoples often exaggerated or misrepresented these cultures. (Jones, 1964)” Europeans harshly questioned the creation of these people. It seemed as though Europeans only cared about profits and status despite any moral consciousness or equal rights. Europeans had the audacity to question the creation of Natives and compared them with animals as if they really weren’t human. Natives were seen has wicked and savage like. Europeans strongly believed in authority, and how this authoritative power belonged to them. Negro inferiority was embedded into American society. Tradition, Ideas and popular support always seemed to support racial attitudes. Slavery forced Black people into humiliating servitude that was physically strenuous and emotionally damaging. Slavery lasted in America for over 200 years, and for the years after that Blacks have faced a constant struggle economically, physically and in all other areas of Social Institutions. Even after the years of slavery, there were new legislations created to continue to contain Blacks. Jim Crow Laws, outbreaks of lynching, separate restaurants, different water fountain, forced to sit on the

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