The United States Of America Essay

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The United States of America has a dark, shameful past that deals with the mistreatment and enslavement of African Americans. For centuries, the black body was only seen as a product; never seen as a human being slaves’ bodies became an economic resource that was expendable. The slave master could do anything to their property without fear of breaking the law. The practices that were used gave rise to a deep problem in the African American community that is still prevalent in today’s society. Slavery was about “stolen bodies working stolen land. It was an engine that did not stop, its hungry boiler fed with blood.” (Whitehead 117) Practices during slavery which include but not limited to forced sterilization, phrenology, and various experiments are the underpinnings that are the likely consequences of African American distrust in the health care system. In an attempt to highlight white pseudoscience, Colson Whitehead successfully develops and shows the causal relationship that caused the distrust and how this distrust affects African American’s current views of physicians. The dominant class in the United States has long controlled Black people’s fertility. Black women were encouraged to have more children during slave times when it served plantation owner’s wealth to have more black bodies. In this sense Black people were forced to breed and create more property. However, after the American Civil War, it became less desirable to have an increasing Black

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