The United States Of America Essay

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The United States of America
The other aspect concerning minority parties in majoritarian elections is how these electoral systems tend towards two parties. Essentially this eliminates any possibilities for minority parties to have an influence as they simply won’t exist. The current status quo of American politics is typical in this respect.
The nature of majoritarian elections to tend towards two parties is known as Duverger 's law named after French sociologist Maurice Duverger. To understand how this arises it is necessary to analyse an election system that starts with a multitude of parties varying in electorate support.
Naturally one party will have more votes than any other - winning the election, typically with a close runner up. However anyone who voted for a party who didn’t receive a large amount of support is unlikely to vote for them again. This occurs in a majoritarian election as only the party with the most support is able to represent the electorate. Effectively what this means is your vote for a minority party had no influence in the election and consequently in your representation. Accordingly, with your vote being effectively wasted, it is highly unlikely that you will vote for that minority party in the next election. Subsequently in the next election that party has next to no support and thus disbands. This process continues with each successive smallest party being eliminated from the subsequent elections.
What the voter is doing is known as

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