The United States Of America

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Almost right away, the United States had acquired a massive overseas empire. Some Americans expressed disbelief over the control of the Philippines, but expansionists wanted to join the entire archipelago. Believers of extension viewed the Philippines as a market in their own way and as the entrance to the markets of the East. Many Americans, including the president, were influenced by "the general idea of getting what we can get." After the treaty with Spain on December 1898, the United States of America did not force any quick action to take over the Philippines. However, United States of America had been trying to find ways of growing. They were searching for new markets, areas for refueling their ships and military bases to protect their trading. Leaders in the United States of America considered that the Philippines wanted to be part of the United States of America and wanted them to take over its control. In these steps, anger built up between United States of America army’s stationed as territories regulated territories and Filipino army. Finally, a war broke out involving them in February 1899. After this, the United States of America declared control of the Philippines.
United States growth across the Pacific basically changed the position of the United States. In 1800, the United States listened closely to George Washington’s advice to stay away from “entangling alliances” while trying for foreign relationships based upon trade. By 1900, the United States was a…

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