The United States Of America Ranks Twenty-Three In Science,

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The United States of America ranks twenty-three in science, thirty-nine in mathematics, and twenty-four in reading, consequently, it shows the governments lack of interest of the education of the youth of Americans. This policy paper will cover the past, present, and what might be the future of education policies in America. Firstly, the paper will cover the moment when the United States government saw the necessity of creating a Department of Education. This department will primarily be focused on making policies regarding education. In continuation, this essay will discuss the creation of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and why this government department needed so urgently in this era. In the last few paragraphs, this…show more content…
Betsy DeVos, President’s Trump’s elected Secretary of Education, has been under controversy because of her history with an interest in furthering private schools by giving them more federal aid the private schools. Due to this concern, the parents of the youth of American’s are in a fear of the future ruling of Mrs. DeVos. Regarding already existent policies, President Trump argues that congress will indeed vote to withdraw from any association with the 44th Presidents of the United States, Barack Obama, Every Student Succeeds Act, ESSA. This policy was followed by its predecessor 's policy of No Child Left Behind which was less collaborative then ESSA. ( The Every Student Succeed Act, ESSA, was signed by President Barack Obama. The ESSA was one of the first major education policies accepted in nearly fourteen years, which shows that the American government had a lack of interest in creating new education policies. The new bill that President Trump, POTUS, wants to pass through Congress will give the power of education to states, and the bill will take away power from the federal government. ( Following the ESSA, the new bill will intend to keep the most well known policies of the No Child Left Behind Act, which are standardized tests. Nevertheless they abandoned the 2002 law which states that the federal government will
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