The United States Of America Was Not Always The Well Structured

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The United States of America was not always the well structured superpower it is today. After the colonists decided to break away from Great Britain and fight for independence; no one knew how difficult it would be to create a new governing structure, the newly independent colonists knew that they wanted a governing system that would be completely different. Representatives at the time constructed the infamous document known as The Articles of Confederation, which had little power. It neglected to incorporate a judicial and executive branch. The only powers it entitled Congress were limited and the new nation was struggling to stay afloat. The states completely ran the country at the time and did not cooperate for the common good.…show more content…
Then my junior year of high school is when my beliefs and opinions started to take shape. I became extremely fascinated with politics and landed my first internship with republican State Senator Guy Reschenthaler. I have realized that younger generations follow in the footsteps of their parents in political views but I was different, my parents are both democrats and I am a republican.
Throughout history America has struggled with power not only with outside nations, such as Great Britain, but within itself, between central and state government and republicans versus democrats. Central and state government still have a power struggle between them that varies from same-sex marriage to the legalization of narcotics, but which form of government can ultimately have the sovereignty it so desires? Same sex marriage was legalized from the central government but did they have the right to make all fifty states abide by this law; a majority of people supported it, however, a lot of people did not think it was right that all states had to conform without a say. Power is tricky when dealing with a whole nation and then dealing with subdivisions (states), there is plenty of diversity between each state and region, enough to have people question who should have more control. How can the central government know what is best for each individual state; on the other hand, the states can throw the balance of the economy, military, and international business into turmoil if they act
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