The United States Of America 's Auto Industry

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The United States of America’s Auto Industry The US has one of the largest automotive markets in the world. There are currently three major US automobile companies, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler which have bought up many smaller companies. There are also over twenty minor US automakers such as Tesla, Vector Motors, and Detroit Electric. Many foreign vehicles such as Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen, are best sellers in the US (although some of them are made in the US). Technology Because of environmental concerns and competition companies spend and must continue to spend considerable time and resources on research and development. There are several technologies that the auto industry could adopt in the next half century. One possibility is that new fuels and engines will be developed that are more environmentally friendly and get better fuel milage. At the moment there are several possibilities, “The top 4 technologies powering alternative fuel cars: biodiesel, ethanol, hybrid, and hydrogen.” (Cars Direct, 2012) Another potential scenario is that vehicles in the US will become electronic or hybrid or utilize solar power. Currently several companies are working on a technology that would allow cars to communicate with each other on the road. This technology is called vehicle-to-vehicle or V2V. “[The] National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2010 [said] that V2V has the potential to reduce 79 percent of target vehicle crashes on the road.” There are many other
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