The United States Of American History

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If you’ve ever been on vacation with my family, you know we’ll stop at a historic site without a doubt. Living in Virginia, a state chock-full of American history, it’s common to turn down the wrong road and stumble upon a battlefield or historical landmark. We’ve travelled up and down the east coast, as far north as Ellis Island in New York and as far south as the “90 Miles To Cuba” monument in Key West. When I got my first camera in middle school, I began to take pictures of the places we’d go, mostly the ever popular, ‘lie on the floor and put subject in focus’ pictures. Rather reflecting in a moment, I was saving it for later.
I believe I was four years old during my first visit to the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. At this time, in the entryway of the National Museum of American History, hung the Star Spangled Banner flag, a 30 x 42 United States flag. It hung for over 30 years in the hall. After wear and tear, it has lost some 8-foot length of the stripes. Still, I remember standing at nearly three and a half feet, feeling so small before the flag. Its radiance and its size, have been rooted in my memory ever since. I returned years later with my camera in hand, ready to take on the museum and the flag that once awe struck me. I don’t remember much about that trip with the camera and all the photos I took. It is clear that taking those photos brought me out of the museum experience.
It is common now that my family and I will take pictures and continue on through
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