The United States Of American Society

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“To everything there is a season. Yes. A time to break down, and a time to build up” (Bradbury 165). It is time to rebuild. Before we were selected for the job of rebuilding American society, we were all born in raised in the Capitalist society of the long-gone United States of America. Therefore, we, as the council, tend to be biased toward the Capitalist form of society. The other type of government that is a possibility for a model for our new society is communism. We knew that in Capitalism, people tend to have more freedoms, for instance, in the economy. Freedoms mean people are happy and less likely to rebel. Additionally, a Capitalist society normally has elected leaders. Most capitalistic countries tend to have democratic…show more content…
The lowest class is below the poverty line, and therefore do not have enough money to support themselves. In addition, economic crash can lead to a depression, and in turn, a recession. These social divisions come from selfish mentalities, which are typical in Capitalism. They also make it difficult to achieve a common goal among Capitalist societies to provide well for yourself and your family, or as it once was known, the “American Dream.” In Capitalist countries, on average the top 1% of people hold almost half of the total wealth of the whole country. There are times in history when one company or person creates a monopoly, the control of a supply or trade of a commodity or a service. On the contrary, Communism is based off Karl Marx’s ideology of equality and anarchism. Everything is held in common in the theory of Communism, so there are no social divisions or inequality, so people tend to stay happy. Due to all the sharing and equality, people in a Communist society tend to be more generous. On the other hand, there are many negative effects that come from Communism. First, according to Marxism, there is supposed to be a time of control by a dictator that should gradually fade away. Unfortunately, it is a human tendency to be selfish, and the dictator normally keeps his power, as seen with the USSR and Cuba. Due to the equality of distribution, some people have no impetus to work because of the guarantee of equal money for all.
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