The United States Of Health And Human Services

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The United States of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the principal agency that protects the health of Americans and provides them with crucial human services, particularly those who are unable to help themselves. The Health and Human Services provides essential services to those who are least able to afford the cost of health. The motto of the organization is “Improving the health, safety, and well being of America” (Health and Human Services, n.d). Initially, the department also constituted education but in 1979, the Department of Education was formed and education was no longer a mandate of the Health and Human Services. The department was established in 1939 under the Reorganization Act. The aim of creating the agency was to merge various social programs of the United States into one body. These social programs are health, social security and education. In addition, the 1939 Act also placed the Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital, Freedmen’s Hospital under the care of the Health and Human Services. The Secretary of health and Human Services is in charge of HHS and is a presidential appointee with advice and consent drawn from the senate. The HHS also has a fund known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, through which it offers grants to other organizations for capacity building. The clientele of the agency is wide since the agency functions all over United States. However, the main types of clientele are people who are unable to afford the cost of health care.
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