The United States Of The Constitution

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United States of America is one of the greatest country that have lot of power that can affect another country. Democracy were originated at Athens, Greece. But as a superpower country that got the independence from a long time, America’s politics and system has been a role model for other country that want to use democracy as a political system in their place. In the world of politics, not only president and vice president have the role in the constitution, many parties and people were included in the complicated American constitution. Involving many parties and people means there should be a power division to make each of branches are not over limit and dominating other party in the constitution. Separation of powers has to be made to make all the governing parties and all the party in constitution work proportionally and balance. In separating the powers, federal government have three branches, it is Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch. This concept generally known as “trias politica” was presented by Montesquieu, an 18th century French social and political philosopher. His book “the Spirit of Laws” was considered a masterpiece because this system is used in parliamentary countries abroad. U.S also used the idea from Montesquieu by sharing powers into three branches. Democracy and separation of powers are some topic that cannot be separated, without separation of powers, the dictator and oligarchy system will ongoing instead of democracy., “Separation of powers,
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