The United States Of The National Security Strategy

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The United States of America irrefutably remains a superpower in the current era. The country is capable of influencing, to some degree, every part of the world. It is also afforded a myriad of political avenues in which to shape this influence. Those avenues can be broken down into 4 categories; Diplomatic, Informational, Military, and Economic (DIME) means. Effectively using these means, either separately or in combination, is a calculated effort driven by the highest levels of American government in pursuit of goals laid out in the National Security Strategy (NSS). The incorrect use of DIME elements to achieve those goals can render the overall effort ineffective, or in some cases, counterproductive. The May 2010 NSS includes…show more content…
Contemporary actions against the nation of Iran stem from the United States’ self-appointed obligation to fight that terrorism abroad, as well as the rise of an Iranian nuclear program. Iran’s claim to be solely interested in nuclear power for its energy benefits is continually met with skepticism, as Iran refuses to meet all requirements of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to which they are a signatory. The United States is also deeply interested in peace within the Middle East. The political, religious, and ideological differences in the region have turned into a decades-long conflict for which the American public has a waning appetite. As such, the US has employed a number of DIME efforts to induce Iranian compliance with the political goals stated in the NSS. There are a great number of activities a nation can take to encourage or deter actions by another state. Ideally, those actions can be pre-planned and flexible enough to be tailored to a specific situation. In this case, the United States wishes to encourage compliance with the NPT and deter Iran from seeking nuclear weapons. They also seek to deter Iran from assisting terrorism against national US interests consequentially promoting peace. In support of planning and understanding these efforts, the Joint Chiefs
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