The United States Of The War

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The United States of America under president Woodrow Wilson was aiming to remain neutral in the war. Instead of directly being involved in the war, they instead found a way to make a profit off the war, by supplying ammunition to the British Army. Wilson was opposed to the war due to being raised up by an anti-violence minister and didn’t want American progress to halt by joining the war. America’s economic power was greatly increasing during the war due to the ability to trade with all sides and was recovering from the era of “false gold” or the “Gilded Age.” As the war progressed the United States were increasingly pressured to enter into the war by Winston Churchill and England. In addition to this the German hierarchy made multiple moves that led the United States to opposing them and feeling like they should enter the war effort against them and the communist government. Yet the reason that the United States entered the war is unclear, did they enter the war because they were focused on American benefits or did they join to make the world safe for democracy. World War One was declared on July 28 1914 and lasted 4 years officially ending November 11 1918. It was started due to escalating tensions between the great powers in Europe following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Following his death, threats and mobilizing and expanding armies led to the beginning of the war. The war was fought first primarily between European nations, yet it expanded

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