The United States Of The World War II

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An alliance wanted to be made between Germany and Mexico, so a telegram was sent on January 16, 1917. In this telegram, Germany was trying to convince Mexico to join their side and help them attack the United States of America in return Germany would assist them in taking land in America. The man behind the telegram, Arthur Zimmermann, served as the foreign secretary of the Germany Empire in 1917. Born in East Prussia, Zimmermann grew up and was raised around the German civil service. Throughout his life, he was dedicated to Germany and their foreign affairs. Also, Zimmermann supported the militaries increased choice to develop a plan of unrestricted submarine warfare; this being one of the key elements that would aggravate the United…show more content…
Zimmermann informs the ambassador to tell the President of the secret plan once the war erupts between the United States. He also tells him to appeal to Japan and see their take on the masterminded plan. Towards the end of the telegram, Zimmermann mentions to also let the President know how Germany places to get England within a short time span of their alliance. Zimmermann makes his point clear in the telegram. He wants Mexico to join in on the alliance but he tries to persuade the Mexican ambassador with rewards. Although the Zimmermann’s message is short, he includes the important details. Informing the Mexican President, Venustiano Carranza, was the crucial detail, the ambassador was only the messenger. Only the President was to receive the message so that he could make the alliance a deal. Zimmermann also includes that he would like to include Japan and he plans to tell the President that as well to seem more appealing. President Carranza had previous problems with the United States, dealing with the U.S troops marching in Mexico. He didn’t give the U.S soldiers consent to
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