The United States Of World War II

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The United States of America entered into World War II, because of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (World War II). On December 7, 1941, Japan bombed the American fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (World War II). By the end of the attack, there were 2,403 dead, 188 destroyed planes, and 8 damaged or destroyed battleships (Attack at Pearl Harbor). Franklin Roosevelt said that American must become “the great arsenal of democracy” (World War II). America then entered into the war at the Battle of Midway in April 1942 (Battle of Midway). World War II was in every part of the world except Antarctica. The war was fought in three different ways. First, it was fought in the air. Strategic air warfare used bombers to destroy industry, cities, and morale (Historical Introduction). Tactical air warfare attacked enemy troops on the battlefield (Historical Introduction). Second, it was fought in the water. Submarines were used to take out supply convoys by way of torpedo (Historical Introduction). Amphibious tactics were also used so that it was possible to land troops and equipment on heavy defended shores (Historical Introduction). Third, it was fought on land. Tanks became independent and worked offensively instead of following with troops (Historical Introduction). Artillery became lighter and easier to handle (Historical Introduction). The war also involved trench warfare. The Marshall Plan is also known as The European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan). The plan involved Europe
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