The United States' Outlook on Foreign Policy Affairs Essay

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The United States' Outlook on Foreign Policy Affairs

The United States outlook on foreign policy affairs after World War II was influenced by the fear of communist expansionism rather than establishing foreign relations with each country. The U.S. found itself with a conflict between its profound belief in the constitution and democracy and a need for domestic and national security. In 1947, the National Security Act authorized the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency. Its role was to protect domestic security and oversee national relations. Following World War II the Cold War intensified and the anti communist sentiment consumed our country. The actions of the CIA conflicted with that of the constitution and the morality of
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He made America stronger than it had ever been seen before and helped in creating the United States in becoming a world power. In 1952, Dwight Eisenhower was elected president and immediately became extremely popular. He also shared Truman’s basic view of American foreign policy. Eisenhower also perceived communism as a force struggling for world supremacy. Eisenhower and his secretary of state, John Dulles, and his brother Allen, who headed up the CIA, felt that containment did not go far enough to stop communist expansion. A more aggressive policy was established. It was during this era that the CIA began more covert actions within the third world countries. In Operation Success the CIA engaged in paramilitary activity to over-throw the leader of Guatemala, a Russian controlled dictator. This policy has continued through many presidential administrations. President Eisenhower wanted to control the spread of communism and did so by using the tactics of the CIA. In 1958 he presented the Eisenhower doctrine which sent marines into Lebanon to support the residing president. The president’s intervention illustrated his methods for it was a unilateral action that endangered general war to support a less than democratic government.
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