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Despite the short history, it’s undoubted that the United States are the world power. Their resources and capabilities well sustain a power that outranks all the other countries’ ones. Their military forces and their effectiveness are point of reference for the others. The dimension and the heavy employment of US Armed Forces around the world are rich source of experience and considerations. It’s, then, interesting for this analysis to examine the values that sustain the USAF in order to find useful elements that can be implemented in the Italian reality. The joint regulation mentions honesty, integrity, loyalty, accountability, fairness, caring, respect, promise keeping, responsible citizenship, and pursue of excellence as primary values. The USAF first introduced in the early ‘90s six core values: courage, patriotism, integrity, competence, tenacity, and service. The Air Force reason behind this new concept was the reaction to a series of ethical failure happened in those years. Their ethical value was outstanding, but after few years, the USAF decided to institutionalize new core values with the publication in 1997 of The Little Blue Book. They were developed at Academy a couple of years before. The new core values, integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do collected outstanding ethical values in a much more efficient way, a built-in model to bring them to life.Integrity first is the most important values as it comes “first.” As specified in

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