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There are those who do not like the idea that they are being better served than others are. It makes them feel guilty and upset; they will feel empathy and sympathy to those who never had the opportunities that they had. The minute one acknowledges that one has privilege, that individual must either act on that knowledge, or burry one’s head in the sand. Both in quality of education and in resources, those that are the most under-served are ethnic and racial minorities living in cities. On the other hand, those that are being best served are Caucasians in suburbs, who are disproportionately given the resources and money that urban schools need. Through political and racial attitudes that have persisted from our countries inception, these…show more content…
Caucasians were not being forced to go to schools miles out of the way due to the way they looked. Now white students might have gone to schools that were out of the way, but that was of the parents volition, not that of the law. Quite correctly, he predicts that Plessy v. Ferguson would go down as infamous. Roughly, 80 years later, however, this decision would be overturned, in a huge step towards educational equality. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka is still one of the most talked about cases, both in race and in educational context. The decision that separate schools for different colored children was, in essence not equal, began a huge change in the educational system. However, while schools may no longer be segregated, equal representation within the school system is still an issue. Language is another prime example of an area in which Caucasian students have a huge advantage over minority students. Within the school system, it is required for students to be proficient in English in order to take a number of classes. As a result, ESL classes are common in public high schools. The issues is that while the minority students who do not know English are made to learn another language, even though there is not “official language” in the United States, there is a movement within the country to unify schools under the banner of the Anglo-Saxon tradition (DomNwachukwu 113-114). This
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