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Recently emerging as a significant trend amongst the health-conscious community, quinoa has become a symbol of healthy and organic living across America. Due to this sudden rise in demand, this Bolivian superfood has been hitting the shelves of stores around the country faster than ever. This journey to American supermarket shelves is one that has recently come under scrutiny for its effects on the environment and the Bolivian farmers who grow and harvest it. In this paper, I will discuss the details of the importation of quinoa from Bolivia, the impact this grain has had on the natives of Bolivia and the environment as a whole, and the symbolic and material value this grain possesses in the everyday culture of the United States. The company Ancient Harvest is an American based company that sells raw quinoa and quinoa products, such as pastas and flours. The company was the first brand to bring quinoa back to the United States in 1983 (Ancient Harvest), and claim to be committed to the ethical sourcing of Royal Bolivian quinoa, which is a special type of quinoa grown at 12,000 feet above sea level in the area surrounding the Salar de Uyuni- the dry arid Salt Flats of the Bolivian Altiplano (Pure Organic Foods). Due to these harsh weather conditions, Royal Bolivian quinoa possesses a natural strength allowing it to produce a larger seed that cooks and tastes better than normal quinoa (Pure Organic Foods). Ancient Harvest receives the quinoa for their products through small…

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