The United States Essay

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1. The Commonwealth They Served The weather was seasonally cold in Pennsylvania’s Capitol late in 1914. On Sunday morning, December 27, the temperature was 1 degree Fahrenheit. This reading was the lowest ever registered in the last month of the year during the almost three-decade history of the Harrisburg weather station. Nevertheless, the cold did not dim the spirit of the holiday season as the Harrisburg Evening Telegraph newspaper cheerfully proclaimed, “Perfect Christmas Makes City Happy.” During that week, Governor John K. Tener, in the last month of his term, released a legislatively mandated report that made history. The Report of the Economy and Efficiency Commission, for one of the very few times in Pennsylvania’s Chronicle, provided the public with a roster of all 5,152 state employees. The release of this document was a key milestone in the Commonwealth’s early 20th-century effort to improve its personnel management practices. By listing names, this document provides an opportunity to recognize the often-unheralded contributions of selected state employees assigned to organizations under the general supervision of the Governor. The register also affords an invaluable chance to appreciate how the offices, bureaus, and divisions make Pennsylvania work. Researching their efforts brought to light a collective commitment to assist the public. This attribute is a common virtue among Pennsylvania state employees, both past and present. It is the one thing
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