The United States : Paragon Of Postmodernism Or Prematurely

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The United States: Paragon of Postmodernism or Prematurely Labeled? The staunch demand for women’s suffrage, the push for equality in the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War... Such tumultuous events characterized the 1960s, the turbulent era which irrevocably shaped the history and foundation of the United States. The movements for this time were heavily influenced by the writings and ideas expounded upon by earlier Americans. Many authors, during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s especially, greatly impacted later authors. Langston Hughes was one such author that was heavily influenced by the mindset during the Harlem Renaissance and the issues people of color faced pre-Civil Rights movement. The poem "Harlem," from his 1951 poem collection Montage of a Dream Deferred, demonstrates how surplus can lead to emotional repression and a lack of happiness through the use of juxtaposition, simile, subversive style, and ambiguity. Hughes argues that this repression stymies societal progress and exacerbates underlying issues in United States 's society until they fulminate, leading to disillusionment, fragmentation, and discontent—a mindset that persists even today, without the superimposition of jazz culture. The Harlem Renaissance was a literary movement from around the beginning of the twentieth century, burgeoning especially in the 1920’s. The “Roaring Twenties” were deemed so because of the rapidness of economic and social growth and change, and during this decade of

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