The United States Political Parties

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Elmer Eric Schattschneider said (1995) “political parties created democracy, and . . . democracy is unthinkable save in terms of parties”(pg.3). A political party is a group of voters organized to support certain public policies( The aim of a political party is to elect officials who will try to carry out the party 's policies. The United States political parties are what many would claim to be the center of the nation 's political system, and among the many that believe that would be our founding fathers whom started the United States political parties. During the establishment of the Constitution of the United States the Framers, also known as our founding fathers, tried to remain exempt from any and all political parties due to prior knowledge of outcomes of political parties in Europe. George Washington, the first president of the united states, was so against the forming of political parties that he warned the founding fathers of the risk in his farewell address stating “Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party.” Despite the Framers eschew from political parties, the constant battle of the ratification of the Constitution started separating the newly found government, thus creating the first political parties in the United States known as the Federalist, and the anti-Federalist . Despite the two parties lacking stability and organization they had a base of what
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