The United States Population Is Spread Out Across A Spectrum Of The Political Ideologies

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The United States population is spread out across a spectrum of the political ideologies. We are typically seen as being on the “left”, also called liberals, or on the “right”, called conservatives. The two main political parties in our country are the Democrats, whose supporters are typically on the left, and the Republicans, whose supporters are on the right. These parties and their policies, however, are becoming more polarized and are attracting the more extreme members of their party and not the moderate voters, which make up the majority of the voters. By setting policies that the moderate voters would agree with can help political parties gain more voters, as long as they do not lean too far away from their base groups, or their strongest and more extreme voters. Republicans would gain supporters by changing their policies on free trade agreements, immigration, healthcare, and wall street to those that are more similar to the most of the public. These supporters would come from the moderate voters, like the hard-pressed skeptics and the young outsiders, and some of the other liberal groups, like the next-generation left and the faith and family left. Today the Republican party wants to repeal all free trade agreements. This is in contrast with the majority of the general population, in which 59% believe that free trade agreements are good for our nation and 30% believe that they are bad. The Democrats on the other hand support most of the agreements that are around…
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