The United States' Poverty Epidemic

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Compared to the rest of the world the United States is economically prosperous however, many citizens are plagued with poverty and destitution. Poverty has become such a problem that one in six Americans are living below the poverty line (Yen). Despite the significant number of Americans living in poverty, most Americans are unaware of its vast scope and scale. The public’s apathy towards poverty has caused it to become an invisible epidemic. The middle -class’s flight from the cities has created de facto segregation between the impoverished and the financially comfortable. Lawmakers find that running on the platform of “fixing poverty” is not appealing to the majority of their middle-class constituents. The media turns a blind eye to…show more content…
The past half century has drawn boundaries that separate the poor and the comfortable; this separation is a factor is poverty’s invisibility. The poor have relatively few material assets and a complete absence of capital and clout. The poor’s lack of political influence has had a dramatic effect on poverty becoming invisible. Politicians follow the money; the poor do not possess the resources needed to wield significant political influence. Dan Glickman of U.S. News and World Report expertly articulated why politicians and citizens alike shy away from the issue of poverty. There are many reasons for [poverty]: persistent distrust of government among many Americans, real long-term fiscal and budget problems, political gridlock and the incorrect belief that most anti-poverty programs don't work. Perhaps part of the problem is that, among the many powerful political action committees in Washington, there is no poor peoples' PAC. The lack of money and influence in Washington is a primary contributor to poverty’s invisibility. The financially unfortunate do not have the time or resources needed to wage a second “war on poverty.” The need for reform is apparent but without adequate support from lawmakers, poverty will stay invisible. Politicians cater their campaigns to issues that resonate with the general public. Poverty is not an issue that plagues most constituencies therefore politicians opt to focus their campaigns on
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