The United States Presidential Elections

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The United States presidential elections are this year, 2016, in November. As a student, a citizen, or an aspiring politician, it is a good idea to know a little something about the presidential candidates. At this point in the race there are only five people left that are running, Donald trump (R), Bernie Sanders (S), Ted Cruz (R), Hillary Clinton (D), and John Kasich(R). One might want to know the issues of each candidate, which party they are affiliating with, how they plan to go about fixing these issues that we have, and the ultimate question will they be best suited for presidency. I narrowed which candidates I want to research more on, down to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump, the very well known business man, the republican. The candidate that "Speaks his mind and tells the truth no matter whose feelings get hurt." The man no one thought would be this far along in the race. Donald Trump is no politician, he is merely a business man that one day decided he could "Make America Great Again." He has made clear all of his opinions on various different issues. He has been known through this race as the person who tells it like it is, but also one that contradicts most of his proposals. On his website he states many issues that he will fix while in office. Those issues include, immigration, health care, trade reform, veterans administration reform, tax reform, and second amendment rights. ("Positions", 2016) One of Trump 's biggest proposals has been his
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