The United States Presidential Office

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The United States presidential office during the time period of 1829-1837 belonged to the nation’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson. According to the people he was the “Common Man’s President.” Jackson saw more of the potential this country had then what was already laid out. Jackson fought hard for what he believed in, and this country was one of those things. During his presidency he was faced with many hard decisions, but only a couple truly stand out: the “Kitchen Cabinet” , the Indian Removal Act of 1830, and the vetoing of the rechartering of the Second National Bank. Jackson, unlike the previous presidents, grew up in poverty. His father had died only a couple of days prior to the birth of Jackson, leaving Jackson and his two older brothers fatherless. Jackson’s mother, Elizabeth, had big dreams for her son. She made sure that he got as much education as he could in their situation. When war struck their southern home, the Jackson brothers all left home to support however they could. The oldest brother, Hugh, had died during the battle of Stono Ferry . At the age of thirteen, Andrew and his other brother, Robert, were captured by the British. After Andrew refused to clean an officer’s boot, the officer struck Andrew in the face with his sword. In doing so, the officer left a mark that always reminded the future president of his hatred towards the British. Soon after they were released both Robert and Elizabeth died, leaving a fourteen year old orphaned Andrew
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