The United States Prisons And Federal Prisons

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President Obama has been on a mission to reform the United States Jails and Federal Prisons. The number of incarcerations have been on the rise since 1980 and it continues to quadruple. State and federal prisons are over crowed with non-violent offenses. With overcrowded jails it has caused the economy more money and created dangerous living environments. Instead of incarceration what should be given is a realistic alternative for their actions. The government will also spend less money. Non-violent offenders are taking up over 60 percent of American prisons. The majority of them are in jail for drug offences such as marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, and methamphetamine. More than half of federal prisoners are incarcerated for drug crimes in 2010, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. That number has only just dipped below 50 percent in 2011. Despite more relaxed attitudes among the public at large toward non-violent offenses like marijuana use, the number of people in federal prison for drug offenses spiked from 74,276 in 2000 to 97,472 in 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. (The Huffington Post “The Drug War and Mass Incarceration By The Numbers”) Since then there are more than two hundred and fifteen thousand inmates in federal prisons. The government has overspent taxpayer’s money for people that should not be in jail or prisons. (Henrichson). According to Vera Institute of Justice the government is spent over thirty one thousand dollars in
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