The United States Progress and Henry Ford Automobile Industry

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What made the United States the great and successful nation that it has grown to be? Well there are multiple events, innovations, and ideas that were contributing factors to the growth of this country. Making it out on top of World War One, World War Two, and beating the great depression definitely made the nation stronger in the long run, or as the famous quote would put it; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But those events aren’t what this paper is about, the genius inventions and ideas from great Americans such as Henry Ford are what really allowed the country to become what it has. At the start of the 20th century Henry Ford sought after a way to quickly and affordably assemble a motor vehicle that would be viable and feasible to the working middle-class of America. By constructing and designing the Ford Model-T, he was able to change the way American’s commute from 1908 to present day. The production of the affordable Model-T changed the face of American travel evermore. Tin Lizzie, T-Model Ford, Model T Ford are all different nicknames for one of the most important productions of the 20th century, the Ford Model T. Vehicular transportation is the most common means of transportation in our society. Automobiles are everywhere today in the United States; not just the most common, but we have evolved to make automobiles our most reliable means of transportation. The Ford Model T changed the life of his employees for he paid them a wage to actually afford the
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