The United States Red Cross

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The United States Red Cross stops and relieves human struggling in the face of urgent situations through volunteers and kindness of contributors. As the nation 's leading urgent readiness and Reaction Company, the Red Cross is there to help and convenience people through harmful crises—from house shoots to earthquakes. From catastrophes to the wounded requiring life saving blood, members of the army and many more turn to the Red Cross every second of every day. With nearly 600 branches across the U.S., the Red Cross has a link in every community; together with the international Red Cross associates, they are part of the biggest relief system on the globe. For more than 130 years, the United States Red Cross has been assisting others regardless of where they live, across the country and all over the globe. The Red Cross asks individuals to be part of their team by making contributions, assisting out, giving blood vessels or taking a category (Krumpe et al, 2010).

2. Social Welfare Issue- Improving Quality of Life both At Work and Workplace
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